Important Documents

OECD Documents

Materials on our campaign and protests against GCM’s proposed Phulbari open-pit mine

Eviction notice 2012

Memorandum 20 Dec 2012 (1)

British MP John McDonell critiques 28 Nov 2012

UN Press Release Feb 2012

LMN report of GCM resources AGM 2012

Materials for research on GCM’s abuse

Investors abusive language to Cultural Survival’s Director Paul Palmer: Investors_Abusive_Language_To_Paula Palmer the former director of Cultural Survival who launched the action alert for Phulbari in feb 2011

The mystery death of Nasrin Huq

[More materials to be uploaded]

Materials for research on Phulbari (proposed) coal mine and GCM

KateHoshourPaper 2010

ExpertCommitteeReport.doc 12 march 09

Dr Mark Muller’s article in the daily star June 2 2009

IAP Factsheet on Phulbari Coal Project 2011

CommunityLetter to ADB

Appendix 1. Phulbari agreement 30th august 2006

CBM Report MRM 20090317 FINAL

Environment Assessment report 2006 by Asia Energy

UN Press Release Feb 2012

NCBD Press release 2012

MAP Action Alert 2011 IAP’sPhulbariAlert

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Other Relevant Materials

Letter of Deep Concern For Sundarbans

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